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Money4Gold is a direct-from-consumer reverse logistics company specializing in the procurement of precious metals and other recyclables. Using multichannel consumer oriented advertising efforts, the company promotes its services to individuals interested in selling unwanted precious metals and other jewelry such as luxury watches and diamonds. With Money4Gold’s consumer website in the United States ‘Money4Gold.com’, plus their UK gold buying company located in the UK (united Kingdom) via ‘Money4Gold.co.uk’,  the Company strives to provide the most convenient, efficient and secure method for individuals to liquidate and recycle the items containing precious metals.  Through its global platform the Company facilitates an end-to-end solution, from acquisition through liquidation. Money4Gold


Money4Gold, is at the forefront of a broad recycling trend and is producing gold, silver and platinum by recycling customers’ jewelry, coins, select electronic components and heirloom collectibles. With a direct relationship with one of America’s largest and most respected refiners, Money4Gold is committed to making a higher payout to customers than traditional outlets by bypassing traditional recycling intermediaries and passing on the savings to customers.


Philosophy Money4gold Melting

Our company philosophy is to give our customers the best gold prices online and in store – Whilst at the same time maintaining a high level of customer service.


Market Overview

Current high precious metals prices, combined with the economic downturn, have led to a dramatic increase in the number of people wanting to cash in their gold and other precious metals items. Today, the convenience of the Internet and the security and integrity of Money4Gold’s online and shipping procedures make a compelling business model for serving these individuals better, and with higher payouts, while earning a robust margin for the company.


With our gold buying power we can afford to pay people top prices for their gold and other precious metals. We will buy your scrap gold and other precious metals, including luxury watches, diamonds and other valuable jewellery too


Not only do we buy gold and other precious metals and jewellery. We also sell gold too – From gold bullion, gold coins / gold sovereigns, luxury watches and exquisite diamonds, Platinum, Palladium plus more!

Barry Garner

Barry Garner

FOUNDER / CEO (Gold Buyer)
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Tony Scott

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Jane Dreyer

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Nisha Smith


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